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Transit Taxes Set to Rise

Durham Region is proposing a 20%-30% increase to their transit development charges beginning Jan. 1, 2013.

A single detached home will jump from the current rate of $401 to $515, and a low density multiple will be increased from $336 to $414. A two-bedroom apartment will change from $232 to $299, and a one-bedroom from $149 to $194.

Non-Residential developments will also be increased from $0.25/sq. ft to $0.31/sq. ft.

Gary Asselin, economic analyst for Durham Region’s finance department, said that the charges are in line with other regions of similar size.


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New Tax on Trades!

Trades Are Outraged!

The college of trades is going to start charging trades people, and even apprentices, for working in Ontario. renovation financing

The newly formed College of Trades will start sending out invoices to trades people in January!

In order to voice your concerns and understand more about it

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On The Level

Why use a level on eavestroughing or gutters?

True North Eavestroughing

Rain is a natural element that can cause havoc on your home. Overlooked gutters can cause problems around the home if it is not controlled properly. When installing gutters using a level is one of the highest priorities. You cannot have proper functioning eavestroughs without being level. And, you cannot eye up the proper slope for gutters. Using a level is a must. A home could be higher at one end and lower at the other end. That being said, this is a standard practice at True North Eavestroughing.

But it has come to our attention that some installers do not use a level. This will lead to bigger issues down the road. Common problems include:

• foundation problems

• mold growth on patio decks

• wet basements

• water staining on bricks, stones, masonry and siding

• soil erosion

Other problems we’ve seen include gutters overflowing and holding water. Then, when wintertime comes around and it freezes… and then we are into all whole other mess. One of the biggest investments you will ever make is your home. Please, for your sake and mine, make sure your installation is levelled properly!

John Whyte is the President of True North Eavestroughing  and a member in good standing with the DRHBA and Renomark. You can reach John at 416.991.2800 or 905.982.1831 for all your eavestroughing questions and installations.

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