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Transit Taxes Set to Rise

Durham Region is proposing a 20%-30% increase to their transit development charges beginning Jan. 1, 2013.

A single detached home will jump from the current rate of $401 to $515, and a low density multiple will be increased from $336 to $414. A two-bedroom apartment will change from $232 to $299, and a one-bedroom from $149 to $194.

Non-Residential developments will also be increased from $0.25/sq. ft to $0.31/sq. ft.

Gary Asselin, economic analyst for Durham Region’s finance department, said that the charges are in line with other regions of similar size.


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New Tax on Trades!

Trades Are Outraged!

The college of trades is going to start charging trades people, and even apprentices, for working in Ontario. renovation financing

The newly formed College of Trades will start sending out invoices to trades people in January!

In order to voice your concerns and understand more about it

Visit The Website

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Renomark… Don’t Renovate Without It!

The Durham Region Home Builders held their Business Showcase in February and the guest speaker Helen Battista of Renomark highlighted the benefits of using a contractor that is a member of the Renomak Association.

We are posting this video so that you too can grasp a better understanding of Renomark and why homeowners are seeking out contractors who are members.

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3.19% Renovation Financing!

Yes it’s true! 3.19% 5 year Mortgages.

Mortgage Itnelligence Oshawa

Renovation Financing at 3.19%

Take advantage of all the competition amongst the National Banks and Mortgage Lenders so you can renovate at 3.19%.

It’s winter in Canada and we spend a lot more time indoors. Have you looked at your house and thought how nice it would be to paint and replace some worn flooring? How about revamping a tired bathroom and adding value to your investment at the same time. Currently there seems to be a mortgage rate war going on and we want to offer you the best possible choice in the 3.19% mortgage realm.  Not all discounted mortgages are equal.

Here’s the inside scoop.  Watch for the “terms” that are part of the mortgage before you make a commitment. Each lender that offers this amazing rate is going to take away some or a few of their most favorable terms.

In a few cases here’s what I have seen.

  • Reduced Amortization
  • Reduced prepayment privileges
  • Reduced payment increase
  • Some will not offer pre-approvals you must have already bought a house

These are areas that you may well be willing to compromise but the next one might not!

What if you could not discharge the mortgage without selling your house during the 5 year term? Would that be a deal breaker? It might be if you have to refinance and can’t because your mortgage has a clause that says you have to sell the house to discharge the mortgage.

renovation financing

Using a Mortgage Broker who has access to numerous lenders means you can get the rate you want and protect the mortgage terms that are most important to you.

Contact us today start improving your home tomorrow! 866-452-1100 or

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Who is RenoMark?

Discussing ways to increase brand awareness for RenoMark in the Durham Region are: Steve Snyder, President of Durham Region Home Builders Association, Jim Caruk, Editor-In-Chief of Renovation Contractor magazine and John Whyte, Director of Durham RenoMark and President of True North Eavestroughing.

RenoMark is an association for the Professional Renovator. The RenoMark association will give you a solid foundation on which you can grow your business. RenoMark gives you exposure to new customers, customers that do their research before choosing to work with you on their renovation needs.

And the reasons they will choose you: quality of work, ethics and morals. And these are the reasons why RenoMark helps me to grow my business.

Today’s customers are looking for quality workmanship. And nine times out of ten you are going to get these customers.
If you’ve been in business as long as I have, you learn to choose your customer just as much as a customers choose you to do the work. I have turned plenty of work away; it’s OK to say No! Your reputation is riding on their shoulders. Keep in mind that as much as you are selling your product, you are also selling yourself.

And most customers will realize that when you are associated with RenoMark, it is THE mark of excellence. When you are a member of this association, it helps them sort out the good from the bad. It makes you stand out in the industry. Knowing that you have contacts in the industry will always help you out, and that gives you a solid foundation. It has helped my business immensely, and no matter what your business is, I am sure it will help yours as well.

RenoMark is a giant step in the right direction to creating greater community awareness for the Renovation Industry.

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Don’t Let Your Renovation Break The Bank!

Doing a renovation will increase the value of your home.

But there can be pitfalls, if like anything else you don’t have a plan in place to pay for it.

Many home owners will use all sources of their available credit to pay for the improvements as they work progresses.  The situation becomes difficult when all sources of credit become maxed by the time the work is done.  Making numerous payments can be a struggle, so a refinance or consolidation is often the only way to turn.  The problem is if all credit is maxed out, your credit rating is likely impaired, sometimes to the point that your bank can’t lend because of your credit score.

You might have painted yourself into a corner so to speak.

Plan For The Reno & The Cost!

This is why considering a Home Renovation Mortgage at amazing rates should be part of the renovation plan!!

Check out the best rates so you can determine what the improvements will cost with one low payment.

Yes that’s right, whether you are buying or refinancing,  you pay for your renovation within your low rate mortgage through CMHC or Genworth

I  have prepared a Video and an Article so you can choose to watch or read about this great Renovation Mortgage option that so few home owners or buyers know about.

I’m even sharing a valuable tool to help you calculate the return on your investment!  You can also use a Mortgage Calculator to see what the payments will be  for your Renovation Mortgage.

You’ve got the tools, so just apply today and get a Renovation Mortgage!

Elfie Hayes (AMP)

This article is courtesy of Elfie Hayes of Mortgage Intelligence in Oshawa.

Home buying, refinancing, renovation and home improvement, commercial lending, reverse mortgages and more.

Mortgage Intelligence Oshawa is your One-Stop Mortgage Center in Durham Region!

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Build Energy Efficiency Into Your Home.

The Building Envelope

In my experience, building energy efficiency into your home is the best investment you can make. Improved indoor air quality and reduced energy costs are long-term benefits that will ultimately pay dividends to you, the homeowner. A well-maintained building envelope saves energy in two primary ways. It prevents the uncontrolled flow of outside air through the building and increases the thermal integrity.

If possible, design and orient your home on your building site to maximize day lighting and solar gain. Address the “Building Envelope” as you undertake this important aspect of your build by paying close attention to key aspects:

  • Use under-slab basement insulation, even if you are not heating the slab.
  • Insulate your basement perimeter the full height and incorporate a thermal and damp proof break between the concrete and the insulation.
  • Spray foam rim joists cavities. This is the best way to achieve a tight seal.
  • Main and upper level perimeter walls should have a minimum of 6” cavity insulation complete with insulated sheathing to address thermal bridging.
  • Ceiling insulation should achieve a consistent R50 level along with adequate ventilation.
  • A superior insulated building envelope is not complete unless accompanied by a tightly sealed air/vapor barrier along with a protective rain-screen where required.
  • Windows and doors should seal tight when closed and all glass should be at minimum double-glazed with LowE/Argon, with a preference for triple glazing  and LowE/Argon. It is imperative to seal around all doors and windows with          spray foam for a tight seal.
  • Seal tight all electrical boxes, pot lights and envelope service penetrations.
  • Now that your home is sealed tight, installing a Heat Recovery Ventilator is imperative. It will serve as “lungs” for your home, by continuously exchanging  the stale air in your home for fresh outside air. The HRV will need to be balanced by a qualified professional to maintain equal pressure in your home.  “It is more efficient to control the draft in your home than it is to have a drafty      house.”
  • Use quality materials and equipment and qualified installers to ensure your whole house system functions properly.

When you make this investment in your building envelope, the heating and cooling equipment you choose will achieve its intended efficiency, reduce your home’s operating costs and increase your indoor comfort.

To quote one of our clients, “The money I save on energy costs more than pays for the increases in property taxes.”

For alternative options on building sustainable homes visit Steve Snider Construction Today!


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