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Have you had your annual Mortgage Check-up yet?

Mortgage Intelligence offers complimentary Over views of your financial goals with regard to your Mortgage.

Rates are so low, you just need to know if there’s a way to save on your single biggest monthly debt.

We ‘re booking appointments now! Just call us at 866-452-1100  visit our web to apply on line


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Cool Cash For Summer

canadian-moneyGet $100 when you apply for a mortgage with us before Aug 1st. Use the cash to pay for expenses or enjoy dinner out on us. Cash paid to you when your transaction closes. Apply today and get a 3.09% 5 yr or 3.89% 10 yr rate! Get A 3.09% 5 Year Fixed Rate Too!!

Apply NOW!  Start Saving Tomorrow.

***cash paid on all applications received before August 1st 2012


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2.99% Mortgages…What’s the catch???

2.99% 5 Year Mortgages To Return

Don’t be fooled by BMO.

There are plenty of restrictions! Know what you’re getting!!!

What you’ll get through Mortgage Intelligence Oshawa

 5-year fixed at 3.09%

10-year fixed at 3.89%


*Amortizations up to 30 years

*Lump Sum pre-payments to 20% and can be assumed

*No Locked Term. Do as you wish to refinance, blend and increase,

port, or allow to be assumed and discharge to go to a new lender.


BMO’s Offer

  • A 5-year fixed at 2.99%
  • A 10-year fixed at 3.99%

Both of these specials are low-frills!  This is what you give up

  • A Lower Maximum Amortization:  25 years compared to 30 years
  • Less Lump-sum Pre-payment Ability: 10% maximum per year (i.e., 1/2 of the 20% that BMO normally allows)
  • A Smaller Payment Increase Option:  Up to 10%, once per year (again, 1/2 of the 20% that BMO normally allows)

Most Important

A Locked Term:  The Low-rate Mortgage is fully closed unless you sell the property, refinance (with BMO only), or early renew into another BMO mortgage. In other words, unless you sell,

you’re not leaving BMO for 5 years, like it or not. 


Apply today for a great rate and full privileges!

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3.19% Renovation Financing!

Yes it’s true! 3.19% 5 year Mortgages.

Mortgage Itnelligence Oshawa

Renovation Financing at 3.19%

Take advantage of all the competition amongst the National Banks and Mortgage Lenders so you can renovate at 3.19%.

It’s winter in Canada and we spend a lot more time indoors. Have you looked at your house and thought how nice it would be to paint and replace some worn flooring? How about revamping a tired bathroom and adding value to your investment at the same time. Currently there seems to be a mortgage rate war going on and we want to offer you the best possible choice in the 3.19% mortgage realm.  Not all discounted mortgages are equal.

Here’s the inside scoop.  Watch for the “terms” that are part of the mortgage before you make a commitment. Each lender that offers this amazing rate is going to take away some or a few of their most favorable terms.

In a few cases here’s what I have seen.

  • Reduced Amortization
  • Reduced prepayment privileges
  • Reduced payment increase
  • Some will not offer pre-approvals you must have already bought a house

These are areas that you may well be willing to compromise but the next one might not!

What if you could not discharge the mortgage without selling your house during the 5 year term? Would that be a deal breaker? It might be if you have to refinance and can’t because your mortgage has a clause that says you have to sell the house to discharge the mortgage.

renovation financing

Using a Mortgage Broker who has access to numerous lenders means you can get the rate you want and protect the mortgage terms that are most important to you.

Contact us today start improving your home tomorrow! 866-452-1100 or

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