jenn good picIt is an honour to serve as the 60th President of the Durham Region Home Builders’ Association.  From proud, yet humble beginnings in 1953, where a handful of hard-working and passionate local builders first shared the commitment of service to our industry and community, our Association has evolved into a dynamic membership of builders, developers, suppliers, contractors, and professional members.

Through the experienced direction of a professional and dedicated Board of Directors, energetic Executive Committee and staff, our Association boasts approximately 160 member companies, representing more than 4,500 employees across Durham Region.  While we passionately work together to provide our consumers with affordable, high-quality, functional, and efficient homes, our Association strives to keep the Canadian dream of home ownership viable for future generations.

Today members seek more from their association—more value, more services and a more relevant value proposition. Our new board is poised to meet that mandate!

Strengthening the voice of the Residential Construction Industry is one of our main objectives. Government Relations has become a key issue in today’s world. Our industry is inundated regulations. Therefore a strong communications strategy is needed: Communications between builders and our board produces righteous resolutions which DRHBA can promote to the appropriate law makers.

You can be certain that I will do all I can to elevate the name of DRHBA this coming year in my term as president but also for many years after. I hope to see all of you at the dinner meetings and events which are wonderful, enjoyable, opportunities to meet together. Networking in this industry is more than just heartwarming, it is essential to strengthen connections so that we can be a united resilient voice for the residential construction industry.

I look forward to working with you over the coming months, and encourage new members to discover the difference membership makes in Durham Region!

Jennifer Hurd

President, DRHBA

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